Saturday, August 20, 2005

Air Deccan - first time

I had to travel to Chennai and came via Air Deccan. I was getting into Bangalore airport after a long time and its a total mess !!! With all the new airlines, these guys have no clue how to manage the crowd. It will soon look like out railway station.
Air Deccan - The fares are good. The service is not bad. Its a no frills airline. My first look at the aircraft and I thought to myself "It looks like a toy!!". Well, to be more precise, this is what I thought "It looks like a bus with wings". Anyway, the flight was just under an hour. They could do with some pest control inside!! I had a window seat and as the aircraft was taking off I can see a small cockroach running up the window! I can just see me jumpimg out of my seat if it had been a little bigger!!
The in house magazine is good for such a recent one. But, I wish they had not copied the Jet Wings magazine and had tried something different.
The flight was smoother than my experiences with Jet ! The landing was good. I have never had that smooth landing from ANY Jet flight. Nothing against Jet. But I was impressed with the landing.
The food was on par with that provided by Jet. I had to pay for it. No complaints. I bought what I needed and there was no wastage.
I looked for a suggestion form and could not find one.
Anyway, thats my first Air Deccan flight.

I am taking a Kingfisher flight next month and I am looking forward to it after hearing all the hype.

So, Air Deccan may live upto the name of fulfilling the common man's dream to fly, but they do need to buck up a little with what I hear about the competition.