Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mallu Land

Thanks for all your wishes.
No, I did not get married "Just Like That" as some of you have asked. We have been waiting for this for almost 5 years. I did not want to jinx it by saying anything. So, thats the reason for the silence; and of course, the loads of work that had to be done.
We had only a close circle of friends for the wedding. People who know us well and could really share our happiness on the occasion. We did do away with a lot of rituals and had only the most essential ones.
He is a Mallu and I am TamBram. So, we had a TamBram wedding, but shortened to almost Mallu time. We had only the Kanyadhanam and Sapthapadhi.
And then we went to mallu land. It was awesome!!
There was a stream running right and behind his house.. and about 100 feet away, the paddy fields start and beyond that you can see the mountains. The approach to his place was like entering a differnt world. It was like a resort, and since it was raining almost all the time, the weather was perfect.
So, here are some snaps from kerala.

These are some snaps taken by my husband. He is an amateur photographer.

And on the way back, we met this beautiful baby.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Back as Mrs.

Well, Here I am, back with a new title. "Mrs".
There was loads of work to be done for the wedding and hence my silence.
More to come.