Saturday, May 07, 2005

Railway reservation counter at the airport

I found a railway reservation counter at the Bangalore aiport. This is
really useful for so many travellers.
I think they should bring up more of these kind of counters and reduce
the load they have on booking counters at Cantontment, Indranagar and
other BDA complexes.

Happy Birthday to me !!

Mumbai and its taxi drivers !!!

I had to make a trip to Mumbai. I landed in Kurla station and this taxi guy kept taggig along and asking me where I wanted to go. Ignoring him, I reached the taxi stand. He kept nagging me and against my better judgement, I decided to go with that guy. (I am still wondering why the hell I did that!)
We had to go to Vile Parle. Normally, I would go via Andheri, but this guy said that road is blocked and took me through Sion , Bandra and the whole works ! (For those of you who dont know Bombay, this is a round about route). When I got down at my destination, the bill was 400 bucks !!! This guy was looting me and I could not do anything about it.
I got down and paid him 400 and walked into the apartment. He came back and gave me back a 100 and said, "Give me a different note. This is torn.". I took that from him. My dad came and took out a 500. He then gave back 300 bucks (the original amt I gave him). When I asked him for the 100 change for the 500, he said that I have already given that you.
And That is when Hell broke loose !!! I lost my cool then.
Its bad enough that he was cheating me on the meter; but this was going way beyond greedy. There ensued a heated argument with me and my dad on one side and this guy acting like a smart ass on the other side.
My dad got into his vehicle and said, lets go to the police station. He did not bother and got it. My dad took his vehicle key and came out !!
This was getting worse. I was tired and hungry and wanted to end this.
I just noted down his number and told him to go with the money. I will report him to the station. ( My phone battery was dead and I coulc not call then).
Then, the guy realised it was time to give away the 100 and go with what he had looted initially. He gave back the 100 and asked me for the paper where I had noted down the number; I just ignored him and walked off.
And that was the beginning to the Mumbai trip.
But thankfully the rest of the trip was fine !

When I told my friends about this, they said that this us very common in Mumbai.
So, all you people out there, beware of these taxi drivers.