Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blogger has been blocked at office. :-(
Thats the reason I am not able to comment on quite a few good posts I have been reading the last 10 days.
Only thing is, I dont have time to login from home and do some blog hopping. Its going to be very hectic for the next few weeks..
Saw "Basha" for the nth time today and I still enjoy it. :-)
I am yet to see Chandramukhi and Mumbai Express.
I have been reading the reviews and am looking forward to seeing both. Hope to find time for this soon.
Why are there no teasers on TV for Chandramukhi ?

Road Blockers !

I stay at the end of a narrow road.. its just about enough for 2 large vehicles to go through.
There is an apartment coming up at the beginning of this road. For the past 1 week, the trucks and lorries coming with material for this road, block the road. There is hardly 2 feet left for other vehicles to go. To top it all, they have dumped all their stones and mud onto the road.
I am not sure which authority I can complain to regarding this.
Anyone can help me out?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mumbai Express in Hindi

Chandramukhi is being screened in Innovative Multiplex and at PVR.
Mumbai Express also.. but in Hindi !! This is a let down. They could have had atleast one of the shows as Tamil.. But I guess they wanted to avoid the confusion.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mind your language

I was seeing "Police Academy" today. I remember I really enjoyed it when I saw it the first time long back.And it was good fun today also. :-)

That somehow reminded me of "Mind your language"; The classic series with Mr. Brown as the English teacher.
Anyone knows where I can get the CDs in Bangalore ?

Perfect Sunday afternoon

CS Posted by Hello

What is a perfect Sunday.. weather is cloudy and looks like its going to rain at any minute..
And here I am at my comp.. drinking some hot masala tea.. and listening to great music on this excellent music system. (Current song - Uyirin uyire from "kakha kakha")
What's yours ?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spam SMS

I am tired of getting spam SMS.
SMS 1 : Pledge of boys:- India is our nation... Girls r our destination...Dating is our occupation...Flirting is our hell with education...
SMS 2 : Why did Santa fall out of the window? Because he was ironing the curtain.
SMS 3 : Santa to his wife : Coffee jaldi piyo. Wife : But why ? Santa : Hot coffee is Rs.5 and cold coffee is Rs.10
At this point I got pissed off and called this number from my landline. Nobody picks up.
After 5 minutes, I got some more SMS
SMS 4 : Sorry, I only entertain messages. Please don't try to call me.
SMS 5 : I am really sorry if I did any trouble to u but I am a depressed teenager (Give me a break!!!) who wants to make friends through SMS. Please dont complain me to customer care.
SMS 6 : Please reply to me

1. How the hell did you know that I was calling when I called from my landline ?
2. I am sorry if u are a depressed teenager.. I cant help you because I am depressed adult.
3. I get enough spam from Airtel and Manhattan. So, please stop sending me these stupid jokes, which I can get enough of it in my mail. I don't need it on SMS also.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sheer Magic

I saw BLACK finaalllly.. and its sheer magic from the minute it starts to the end.
I cannot imagine the thought process that must have gone into each shot.. and all the actors have excelled themselves..
Hats off to Sanjay Leela Bhansali.