Monday, February 14, 2005


I am screaming even before he pulls me in fully. Screaming like crazy... hoping somebody will hear me...I am trying to resist and trying to pull away. But he is too strong. He pulled me in and latched the door... All the Food World packets are lying on the floor with a few items scattered here and there. The force with which he pulled me has thrown me also on the floor...
I have never been that scared in my life.
“This is supposed to happen to other people and I read about it in books and magazines. This is not supposed to happen to me. How can this be happening to me? God, please do something!”
“Please take whatever you want and go.”
He has something in his hand and starts beating me with that. I use my hands to shield my head. I have stopped screaming. I realize that he is hitting me to stop my screaming. I act as if I have fainted. He goes near the door. There is somebody ringing the bell. I am scared that it’s my room mate and call out to her.
“Please go and get help. Don’t come inside… PJ... go away…DON’T come inside”
He starts hitting me again and I have to do the fainting act again. I know that I cannot afford to lose consciousness.
There is no one at the door. Whoever had come has gone away. He keeps waiting near the door.
After about 5 minutes, he opens the door and quietly walks away.
I immediately run and latch the door.
I am happy that he has gone and I am still in one piece.
“Thank you God. For listening to my prayer”
I switch on the light.
“Shit... Is that my blood on the floor? Oh my god... He has hit me so badly on the head”
I immediately called my fiancé and he is in the other end of town!! He later told me that I was totally incoherent on the phone...
While I was on the phone, I heard the bell ring. It was the neighbors downstairs... talk about filmy style entry!! Anyway, I refused to open the door, since I have never ever heard their voice. They had to go and fetch the house owner. Once he came up, I opened the door. They were kind enough to calm me down. I drank some water and then they took me to the hospital nearby.
I must have made a sight with my blood stained dupatta, my tear stained face and in all the way I looked!! With all this, my hand was so swollen that I could not even lift it...
Anyway, when I reached downstairs, they told me they had caught the guy.
There was an alert guy in the opposite house, who had broken his leg and was just sitting at home. He heard my screams and he saw this guy walk out of the gate.
There were some truck drivers nearby. He alerted them and they caught this guy; bashed him and handed him over to the police.
At the hospital, I had a couple of stitches on the head and no fractures. The hand was so damn swollen and that was more painful; But that is what saved me that day. Since I used my hand to shield myself; most of the blows were to the hand and not the head.
My fiancé reached the hospital. A journey that normally takes about 45 min, that day took him 20 min. I guess he broke all possible signals!

When we got back to the house, my room mate was there and more shocked than me! Anyway, there was no way we could stay there that night;
We moved out that night;
The next day, I registered a police complaint through my office as they knew somebody at the commissioner’s office. And since it came from high up there, the guy was beaten up black and blue... and they came out with his history. He was from Madhya Pradesh and is wanted there for some murders, attempt to murder and robberies. He landed up in Bangalore that day only. (Of all the houses in Bangalore, he had to target mine). He was carrying a cell phone, so, probably had an accomplice telling him who was entering the house... but in the bashing he got, somebody flicked it.
Apparently my dad been calling me repeatedly at the landline (I had no cell at that time). This guy picked up once and said wrong number and put down the phone. He did not pick up the call after that.

It’s been over 2 years and I am still scared to open the door to a locked house and enter... specially at night.
In the last 2 years, I have heard lots of incidents like this... Bangalore is not as safe as it was... and these incidents seem to be on the rise...

But that one incident has made me more careful; maybe bordering on the paranoid... but better careful than to regret later.
I learnt a couple of things... always trust your intuition... I felt something was wrong... but still went ahead...
Always have an additional latch to the door. I had only the Godrej lock and there was no way I could have made out if somebody has broken into the house.
And carry some form of defense with you..

Friday, February 11, 2005

It was about 8.00 PM. It was a Tuesday evening. April 1st. Fools Day. I got down from the auto, had a fight with the driver for his faulty meter; paid him only what I usually pay. Iwas carrying two covers full of stuff for the house from Food World.
I opened the gate and saw the house owners sitting in their bedroom. I saw that they were looking the other way and so moved up without acknowledging them. I had to trudge up to flights of stairs. At the first floor landing, I saw a few slippers outside the door and thought the neighbours were having some visitors. I moved up one more flight of stairs.
"Has my roommate come back ? Hope she has started cooking". These were the thoughts running through my mind. I started walking up the last flight and saw that the bulb outside the door was on.
"That's odd. She never swithes it on. Only her fathter does. Maybe he has come from Madras."
I ring the bell. There is no response. "Maybe she has gone to terrace to collect the dried clothers". I climb up another flight of stairs and reach the terrace.
"She is not here. Maybe she is in the bathroom. Let me go back."
I go back downstairs, put my key in the lock and turn it.
"This damn key always has a problem. I must change it. "
I insert the key again and try to open it. It opens now.
I push the door open.
I always do that. Dont know why.. always open the door fully and then enter.
I am standing at the door step with my handbad and two heavy covers from food world.
The door stops after a point. The lights are on in the bedroom. The hall lights are not on. "Why? Is there a problem with the tubelight"
"I think the ladder is kept behind the door again. I must remember not to do that"
I put one foot inside.. I hesitate.. something is wrong.. I can feel it..
I see a figure behind the door.. He pulls me inside..

Will finish this tomorrow..Keep guessing.. But it was not good !!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

There are some people in the world who will crib even when they have everything.
I have come across two people like this. These are the people who will find something to complain about, even when they have everything. This person has good health, good friends, good salary and is well recognised where they work. But still, they are never happy.
And then there some people who are always happy; no matter what. They will be facing more problems than the cribbers; but they smile through each day and make the world a better place.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Google Video

Check this out
Just like Google to come up with this.
Google Video
This is just a beta version; but it will be a really cool feature

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A quote which I really like.

Life isn’t a destination
It’s a journey
We all come upon unexpected curves and turning points, mountain tops and valleys
Everything that happens to us shapes who we are becoming
And in the adventure of each day, we discover the best in ourselves