Friday, January 21, 2005

Customer Care ???

Dear CustomerCare
As usual, you have made sure that you hassle your customers.

I have clearly stated below in my mail that this is the pay slip which my company provides us; and further to that, the pay slip states that this requires no further authorization.

But even though I am following up on this for the last 3 days, you have not made any effort to be “CustomerCare”

I want to thank you for making sure that my full time job for the last 3 days has been to make sure that I call up “Customer Care “ of Airtel and ask them to activate my roaming.

And since “customer care” is more bothered about process and not about the customer, I am sure you will be having very satisfied customers. I assume that this is the reason your lines are busy as all the satisfied customers must be calling you up to thank you for the great service you are doing to them.

I have submitted THREE months of pay slip and my FORM 16 to you when I have taken the connection 3 months back. At that time, you were ready to accept the pay slip in the same format. But now, since I am no longer a prospect, but a customer, your service is even better. I think you should call yourself “Prospect care”;

Do you take special training to make sure you leave your customers frustrated?

I am also very impressed by your demand that I should provide a pay slip in a PDF format. I am sure you must be aware of some secret way by which a person cannot modify a PDF file; but a text file can be modified easily.

In future, please provide me with a PDF writer, so that I can cater to your demands.

Also, in future, before you rush to a company and try to strike a corporate deal with them, please advise them that they must produce their pay slips in PDF format; else even better, please advise them that they must give out only signed copies of the pay slip as their employees are cheats and might edit the pay slip in electronic format.

I want to thank you once again for your cooperation; specially mention Ms X , who answered me so patiently and sweetly; that I wonder what she is doing in Customer Care; I want to thank her for the way she bent over backwards and made sure that I want to surrender my Airtel and go for a hutch connection.

Please check the PDF attachment that I have sent now; which will comply with your company policy.

Oh... and if it is not too much work for you; and you might be going beyond your job to do this for me, please enable my National Roaming now.

The 6 hours of working which you said you need to enable my roaming is I assume now over; so, please do me a FAVOR and enable my national roaming.

Thanking you for your great service to humanity
Your ever faithful customer

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I have been silent on my blog for a while now. But I have been visiting other blogs; only there was no time to post on mine.

There has been a lot of blogging on the tsunami and people have volunteered to help out in the affected areas. There are others who have contributed either monetary or material help.
In any case, I think this has shaken up a lot of people.
I know of a family at Chennai who were staying in the ground floor of their apartment building. The tsunami took away all their belongings. They managed to escape unhurt physically and are now staying with friends. But they have lost all their stuff and the government is not compensating them. They don’t fall into the "below the poverty line" category; neither did they have insurance that would cover this.
What happens to people like this? How do they move on from this?
I say people like this, but I will also fall into the same category.
What would I do in the same situation? I am not sure.
I hope I will thank GOD that my family and I are not hurt and then move on and try to rebuild my life.

There are people in my office who have personally visited Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, and Car Nicobar. I am proud that I know these people and they are taking time out to help in the affected areas. Yes, I have given clothes and cash; but as I hear it there is a shortage of volunteers to help in these areas. So, these people made a difference by giving their time and I bow to them for that.

On the lighter side
There is a humorous incident - My aunt's friend was distributing food, to be specific, puliyodarai and curd rice to one of the affected colonies in Chennai. The guy receiving the food packet said, "Enna sir, thayir saadhama? Biriyani kudunga sir" Translation what sir, curd rice? Give us biriyani Sir