Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dr. Vasool Raja

I need to get my port flushed every month. Normally, when I get it done at Apollo, Chennai, they charge me Rs. 90 for this. I provide all the necessary material for this. Since I am at Bangalore now, I needed to get it flushed here.
I consult a doctor here locally. This particular doctor (Dr. VR – I will not take the name due to obvious reasons) consults in his clinic. His normal consultation charges are Rs. 100. When I told him, I had to get my port flushed, he told me that he cannot do it in the clinic and I need to come to the hospital (Hospital C) opposite his clinic, where they have facilities. Flushing a port is just like a taking an injection and the only thing the hospital would have had to provide was cotton and betadine to clean. Well, anyway, I did not argue with him on that as doctors have massive egos and you need to handle them with kid gloves. They can get very easily offended (from my experience).
So, he asked me to come there on the following Friday at 6.30 after fixing up an appointment.

Friday… Doctor’s Day..
5.40 PM
I call up Hospital C
Me: I need an appointment with Dr. VR. He asked me to call you before I come there.
Madam X: Ma'm, please wait. I will call him and check with him. I will call you back in 5 min.
Me: Please tell me by 6.00 as I will take half an hour to reach there from my place.
Madam X: OK. I will call you in 5 minutes.

6.00 P.M
I call up Hospital C again.
Me: I had called for appointment with Dr. VR. You said that you will call back. Please tell me whether I should leave now as I will take half an hour to reach there.
Madam X: I am not able to reach him. I will call you. (Slightly ruder)
Me: Please call me in next 5 min; else I cannot reach there by 6.30.
Madam X: OK.

6.15 P.M
I get a call on my cell.
Madam X: Ma’m, please come immediately. The doctor has asked you to come now.
Me: OK. But I can reach there only by 6.45.
Madam X: OK Ma’m, please come fast.

I rush to the hospital, negotiating all the heavy traffic and reach there at 6.40 P.M
Me: I have come to meet Dr. VR
Madam X: He has left. He waited for you till 6.30 and left.
Me: What? I told you that I cannot reach here before 6.45. Why did you ask me to rush here and come?
Madam X: I cannot do anything. You go and meet him at his clinic.

The clinic opens at 7.00 PM and is just across the road.
I go and wait there till Dr. VR come there at 7.10 and opens.
7.10 P.M
Dr. VR: The receptionist told me that you were very rude to her. Why are you speaking like that to her?
Me: What? Dr, I was not rude to her in any way. She was the one who made me rush here to find that you had left.
Dr. VR: She told me you were rude to her. Why are you being rude to people? Anyway, I don’t want to hear any explanations in this. What’s the point? Now, you did not get your work done

By this time, I am fuming at the injustice of all this. I am the patient. This guy is the doctor. He is supposed to be considerate to patients. Instead, he did not even have the courtesy to listen to my point of view and jumped on me as soon as he saw me. He was too concerned about the receptionist’s feelings!!!

I decided to leave the matter as I needed to get some work done.
Dr. VR: OK, you go and wait in the hospital. I will come after some time.
Again, I walk back to that stupid hospital and hang around there for some time. While I am there, I keep staring angrily at the receptionist. I am obviously pissed with her for what she did.

Dr. VR arrives there and I get my port flushed (Finally!!!!).
Me: How much Dr.?
Dr. VR: The reception will tell you. You can pay there.

I go to the reception.
Me: How much?
Madam X: 800 Rs.
Me: What?
Madam X: 800 Rs.
Me: There must be some mistake. Please check with the doctor.

She walks into a room where the doctor is with his cronies.
I follow her there.
Me: Dr, She says that the bill is Rs.800
Dr. VR: Yes, Its 800. Rs. 500 for consultation and Rs. 300 for the hospital.
I am really fuming by now. These guys are sucking my blood!!!
Me: But doctor, I pay only Rs. 90 at Apollo, Chennai. For 800 bucks, I can go to Madras, get he port flushed and come back.
Dr. VR: Do that
Cronies: See, these are our hospital rules. So, you have to pay Rs.800

I am totally shocked by now with this doctor’s behavior. I mean, we equate these guys to Gods.
I am so pissed with them; but since I already got my port flushed; I had no option, but to pay 800Rs.
I paid it; blasted Madam X also; was pissed with her for having cribbed some nonsense to the doctor and walked out from there. I can’t understand how a doctor who takes only Rs. 100 as consultation just across the road in his clinic charges Rs. 500 at the hospital.

I used to think Apollo was an expensive hospital; but after this incident; I revise my stand.
Well, lesson learnt and learnt the hard way – Always, confirm the fees before I go and get something done.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Kurai Ondrum Illai...

kurai onrum illai maraimoorththi kannaa
kurai onrum illai kannaa
kurai onrum illai govinthaa

Just listening to the rendition of this song from the one and only MS transports you to a whole new world.
You will live on in our hearts through your songs.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Google Invites!

I am using gmail regularly and have not got the option to send invites till date; my friend, who just created the account, and never used it after that, has got an option to send 6 invites. The same thing happened with my sister. She did not get the option for inviting people, while her husband, who never used the account, got the option to send out 6 invites.
Google’s way of enticing people to use their accounts (and we all crib about Microsoft?)
The irony is that the invite says “I have been using gmail for some time and thought that you might like o try it”

Thursday, December 02, 2004

There are a lot of comments on my previous post and I thought its better to answer all that with a new one.

If you want to promote a drug, it should be a Doctor and not a model wearing white coat. This should be banned too.

I disagree with this. Even if this was banned, the only thing that would happen is that we would get to see the good looking doctors promoting the drug. How do I know this? Yesterday, I was glancing through a magazine at my doctor's clinic. There was an ad there inviting good looking doctor's who think they are "model" material to send in their photos !!

Sorry to ask Sowmya but did you do your bit, as a responsible citizen, and report the strip of drug which you were confident was spurious. You have saved a million lives if you have done it. There are organizations for reporting even without disclosing identity.

Sorry to say.. But No.. I did not do it; I need to know the details of who I can report this to; which organization monitors this. I can still register a complaint with them. Who is the Controller of Drugs ? Where can they be reached ?

I think buying from reputed vendors will help to an extent.

I think there was a movie some time back where the hero is totally against "kalapadam" in everything. (I think it must be either a Vijayakanth or Arjun movie ;-) ). I guess I can relate to what happened in that now !!